Rules of the Game


WHY THIS QUARTET-GAME? This old Dutch ‘family-game’excists in allsorts & sizes. This drugvariant was still wanted. Drugs have always been found in nature. Used and abused by witches, achemists and religous people. Hardly one century ago, drugs causes changes in our society. Since then complete sections of the population were busy with all sorts drugs and its variations. And so the advantages became clear, aswell as the disadvantages. And the prejudices withthem! It’s no fun when ignorant users jump of the buildings in Amsterdam while they are overloaded with drugs.It’s no fun either when creative minds and artists, whom opened new doors for us, whom were pioniers, are just called junkies or loosers. This game will hopefully create a more in depth image of Amsterdam and it’s relation to drugs in the last view decades. And aswellsome more responsability taken by it’s users. The game contains historical information by showing various old buildings, famous spots and artists. Each card tells its own story and they form together a walk through the Amsterdam underground scène, from the past untill now. Amsterdam as the ‘Magical Centre’ in a different daylight. Enjoy the game !!! Play your cards right !!!

How to play. This old dutch game PURPOSE; -Play it smart and obtain as much as possible cards by asking the other players for cards. Collect groups of 4 cards wich belong to eachother and form the so called Quartet. The one with the most quartets at the end of the game is the winner. GAME;
1. Shuffle the cards. Hand them out. Each player gets 7 cards maximal ( or 4 minimal ), the rest of the cards are the stock on the table. Don’t show your cards to anyone.
2. An arbitrary player starts the game. He asks an other arbitrary player a card from a quartet from wich he already has one or more cards: “May I have from you from…..( name of the quartet ) the …. ( name of the card)”.
3. When the player, who has been asked a card, hands over this card, you can continue asking for cards to the same person or other players. Do you have collected 4 cards of the same quartet you call out “quartet !” Now you show your card at the table so that anyone can see them. ( and continue asking for cards)
4. When the player, who has been asked for a card, dóesn’t have this card, your turn is over and the last player who has been asked for a card comes in for it’s turn.
5. Doesn’t the player ( who’s turn it is ) get a card after his first question, his turn is over. He takes a card from the stock. Now its the turn for the last player from who has been asked a card. ( When there is no stock left, you just have bad luck )
6. The game is over when all the cards are played. The player with the most quartets on the table is the Quartet-Winner !

EXTRA RULES; ( Non-official )
* You are allowed to ask for a card from someone even when you already have this card in your hand. You are misleading other players, wich can be fun, but you loose your turn and have to take a card from the stock.
* There are 12 quartets. When there is a draw at the end, you can say that the winner is the one with the most heavy hard drugs.
* Each player, after obtaining a Quartet, can force an other player to make a joint or buy some drinks.
* You can make an agreement : The looser will be punished extra by….
* You can make an agreement : The winner will be drinking free the rest of the night.
* You can make an agreement : It’s allowed to swop cards blindly.
* You can agree upon counting the black cards dubble at the end of the game.
* You can agree that whatever who will win or loose, no one cares at all!
* When it’s beforehand, you can add all sorts of rules….

Enjoy the game !!! Play your cards right !!!